In Tune

I picked up an old ukulele and began to strum and it didn't sound the way I thought it would. I played chords I was familiar with, but something sounded off. It wasn't something an ear would recognize if it had never listened to a ukulele before, but if it had, it would notice something was out of place. Out of tune. Ah- out of tune. I've never tuned a Ukulele before, but I've watched my sister do it a thousand times. She would have known it was out of tune before picking it up and dusting it off. 

I watched her strum and turn the tuning pegs until a familiar sound came from plucking the first string. She did it four times, one for each string. How did she know when to stop turning? She made it look so simple. 

She was familiar with the tune and I was not. That was the difference.

I think hearing God's voice is a lot like tuning an instrument. We need to become familiar with His voice in order to stay in tune. For anyone that hasn't tuned, or even played and instrument for that matter, it takes time and a trained ear to be able to do so. Even the most skilled musicians use a tuner to guide them. Just like we need God to guide us.

There are times my stubborn heart would push this truth away while I try to figure out everything on my own. No matter how big or how small of things we're dealing with, we need His guidance or something is going to be off.

You see, God hears from us all the time. We sometimes try to bargain with Him or plead for an A on our next exam, sometimes we arrive in desperate need at His feet. Maybe we show up in praise or wonder. He loves hearing from us. 

Often times we're quick to speak and slow to hear. I have to do a little heart check often. What kind of relationship is that? Showing up to dump our problems and leaving before our friend says a word. I'm guilty of doing this. God has lots to say, and He wants us to hear.

His whisper to our hearts is more powerful than we can imagine. The whisper that set the Earth into motion, that created light itself and has calmed the storms is the same whisper that wants to speak to our hearts. 

All this to say let's dust ourselves off and lay down our pride. Let's be still before him and listen. Let's humble ourselves and allow him to tune our hearts. 

Life may not be the melody we thought it would be, but it'll be a beautiful one when we hand over our out-of-tune ukulele to Him.