Curating a Creative Workspace

Whether you work from an office or your home, you're bound to have a space where you accomplish the most amount of work. As for me, I recently moved between semesters and had the chance to recreate my workspace. As a college student, I'm constantly moving. I often don't live in the same place for more than six months at a time, which may seem like a decorating challenge, but I see it as a chance to refresh. See one of my latest posts here on how to make your new (or old) home cozier!

Naturally I'm an organized person and  prefer order and cleanliness. But for some odd reason, the surface of my desk tends to be the exception. As I come and go throughout the day, my desk becomes my dumping ground. Books, food, old receipts, papers (you name it) finds a place on my desk. Why? I may have the answer.

In the past my desk hasn't exactly been a place I was excited to show off. Often cluttered with a makeshift filing system, a printer and school books it was a sight for sore eyes to say the least. I never looked forward to sitting down and doing work being I felt surrounded by multiple tasks hovering over my head until I got to them. But then, I tried something new.

I was scrolling through Pinterest one night admiring all the beautiful desks and office spaces I came across. I would definitely love to take a seat in their chair and get things done. Why couldn't I have a pretty space like theirs? Turns out, I can (and so can you!). With all the little decorations I have I decided to bring them to school and decorate my desk. Without typical "desk items" sitting on the surface I had never felt more inspired to sit in one place before. It may not be much, but it is my style and thats what I was going for. 

Curating a creative workspace is fairly simple and is great for those of you needing to get things done! Here are a few of my tips on creating a space you look forward to sitting at.


Lighting is everything. If you can, set up your workspace near a window. Natural light will not only improve your productivity but will improve other areas in your life (like sleep!). If you're interested in how lighting can effect your habits check out this interesting article here! I also have a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp on the corner of my desk for late night studies. The soft lighting is great for nightly tasks and did I mention it has a lot of health benefits?!


Keep your space simple and decorated with things that inspire you. Avoid too much clutter and leave enough room to get things done. Try keeping your papers filed away in a drawer instead of sitting out. It's the little things that make a big difference.


I don't know if this is true for everyone, but my desk reflects my mind. A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Don't make your desk a place for your leftovers to collect, file as you go, put things in their place. It'll save you time and stress in the long run.

I believe in creative workspaces. I believe that creative workspaces enhance our performance and ability to accomplish what we need to. It doesn't take much to create a space that reflects you, use what you have!

What do you think of creative workspaces? Are they for you? If you found this post helpful or gained any inspiration at all leave me a like below! Thanks for reading friends, happy weekend!