Fur Oil Product Review


You’ve probably seen this iconic little bottle all over Instagram, but if you haven’t I’m happy to introduce you to Fur Oil today!

I’ll give you a quick rundown on product details first:

Fur Oil is specifically designed for your most sensitive areas of your skin like your underarms, bikini line and  pretty much anywhere else you have skin or hair.

As I’m becoming more conscious about the ingredients of the products I use on my skin (especially the sensitive areas), I was so excited to find that this oil is purely made up of a four-oil blend. No weird ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, nothing hidden in small type under product details or on it’s packaging. Just oil. Specifically, it’s made up of grape seed oil, jojoba oil, clary sage oil, and tea tree oil. All of these ingredients work together to hydrate, soften, soothe and heal skin. You can find more in-depth product details here!

I’m a big fan of beauty oils- I use them on my face to soothe dry spots, and in my hair to moisturize dry ends, but I’ve never come across an oil made specifically for body hair. Okay, I’m into the idea- I can get behind that.

The main reason I was so excited to try this product is because of its claim to reduce ingrowns. Pretty bold claim if you as me. Would this actually work? I was skeptical. 

After shaving I’d do as recommended. I used about two to three droppers full on my underarms and bikini line. At first I didn’t notice a difference. My skin was definitely more hydrated, but still a bit irritated from shaving. As I continued to use the oil I began to notice a significant decrease in the amount of ingrowns and irritation. What changed?! Here are a few conclusions I’ve come to:

ONE I’ve noticed this with most clean beauty products- it takes time for my skin to adjust. Our skin becomes accustomed to the products we use on it- give your body time to recognize a new product. The switch from synthetic to fresh ingredients is drastic.

TWO Be consistent. Nearly every product I’ve ever used requires some sort of consistency in order for it to  be effective. Of course you won’t see results if you use this oil inconsistently- like I mentioned before, your skin needs to adjust. For reference, I use this oil after every shave (about two or three times a week). 

THREE The way you shave matters. If you’re not gentle, (shaving the opposite way of hair, not using a clean razor etc.) this product won’t work. This is an oil, not a magic potion. It’s a supplement, its meant to enhance self-care. It’s not permission to treat your skin carelessly, because truly, no product can undo the damage we may have caused our skin, BUT it can help us take better care (but I know you’re not that kind of person).

So, just to address a few other questions you might have- I love the smell of this product. It doesn’t linger and practically disappears once absorbed into the skin. This oil is a lot thinner than other oils I’ve used, but I like that. I don’t want some thick oil all over my body- nobody has time to air dry for long. Fur Oil dries quickly and has never ruined an undergarment or any of my clothes. The one downside I’ve found is that you do need to apply a generous amount of oil onto freshly shaved areas, so the bottle does go quickly. 

Overall, I do recommend you give Fur Oil a try. I’ve loved the benefits of using this product and I’ll be purchasing another bottle once I’m out. Check out their website here, you might find more products you’d like to add to your cart as well!

Have you tried any Fur Products? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! 

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own.