Clean Beauty & Mindful Routines


When I lived in Portland last summer, there was lots of chatter about Berlin Skin. After all, with clean beauty on the rise why wouldn’t people be talking?! Thoughtfulness doesn’t only come into play when it comes to clothes, what we put on our skin is just as important! Our skin is like a sponge, soaking in whatever we put on it, so I’m learning to take better care. My skin has seen rough days, and now its time to be a little kinder. 

I finally took the leap and invested in The Facial Collection around Black Friday; it was good timing too since there was a little sale going on. Included was the coconut + aloe facial cleanser, geranium + rose toner, sandalwood cream, and cocoa eye butter. As we jump in on the review, I’ll go into detail about my thoughts on each product, and how I used it in my everyday routine!


1. Coconut + Aloe Cleanser

This cleanser is unlike any cleanser I have used before. A little background first: when I struggled with acne I always used a face wash that contained salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide for oil control. Turns out harsh chemicals like ones used to fight acne can actually excessively strip the skin of healthy oils, and consequentially, pores over produce oil causing a viscous cycle of troubled areas on the skin. After taking Accutane, my skin is SO dry. A complete 180 from what it use to be. I used Cerave and Cetaphil, which I liked, but contain Methylparabens, Propylparabens, and Dipotassium Phosphates, ingredients that can potentially negatively impact the skin. Side note, I use the app Think Dirty to check out the ingredients in my skincare and makeup products. But, as I was saying, the cleanser by Berlin Skin contains nothing but organic, clean ingredients. It smells amazing, and I’m still using the same bottle today that I’ve been using since November! I use this product after removing all of my makeup with Banila Co Clean it Zero. The product leaves my skin feeling supper fresh without the tightness that other cleansers leave behind. It isn’t as moisturizing as Cerave or Cetaphil, but nothing a clean moisturizer can’t fix. Overall, I do really enjoy this product. 

2. Geranium + Rose Toner

I really enjoy this facial toner. You spritz it on like a mist, and as I’ve mentioned in my previous skincare post, I love the smell of rose. I use it after washing my face at night to remove any left over traces of makeup and in the morning to freshen up in the morning. I don’t feel the need to do a complete face wash in the morning, but a few pumps of this mist and a cotton pad is all I need to feel refreshed. 


3. Sandalwood Cream

I absolutely adored how this cream felt and smelled. The texture was almost jelly like and had the most soothing aroma. It left my skin feeling dewy, but after a few minutes I felt the need to apply more. This isn’t uncommon with my skin type , I often need to apply multiple layers of any moisturizer to feel satisfied. For normal skin, this moisturizer is perfect. Paired with the Cocoa Eye Butter, my skin felt much more hydrated. This was the first and only product I’ve used up completely so far, and I wish I had more of it to use tonight! The natural ingredients in this product actually clear and prevent breakouts and aging (all around wins if you ask me). I used this product after the geranium + rose toner. 

4. Cocoa Eye Butter

Last but not least, the eye butter. This cream is thicker than the moisturizer and more moisturizing too. Now that I’m out of the sandalwood cream, I use this product all over like I would a moisturizer. My dry skin drinks up the moisture overnight and is ready for more as I start my day. This butter is full of organic oils without creating pools of oil on my face. Just like each of the products mentioned previously, it smells so. Dang. Good. 

Overall, the line is worth trying! I’m still exploring clean beauty brands, but it’ll be hard to beat Berlin Skin. Because each product is so long lasting, they’ll be part of my routine for a while (also a bonus and totally worth your money for that aspect alone). It feels good to know I’m taking care of my skin inside and out. Next to tackle: clean makeup. Thoughtfulness is a process and takes and takes a while to integrate fully into all aspects of life. Something you can do today to start a more mindful routine is to continue to use up the products you have. Don't let things go to waste, and in the meantime researach clean beauty brands you'd like to try out next!

P.S. This post is not sponsored, I simply enjoy highlighting brands I love.

xx Mariah