Unlikely Moments

I use to be scared of flying. Mainly because I couldn't see where I was going. I only had this little window to look out of. And boy, when I didn't have a window seat, I'd panic on the inside, because then, I really couldn't see anything. Anytime we'd experience turbulence I'd question how well trained the pilot really was and if he was even there (auto pilot these days ya know?!). And then his voice would come on over the intercom assuring us that we'd be through the rough air in no time. Yeah, the flight attendants mentioned that before but there's nothing like hearing the pilot's voice. That's how I feel about God too. I can listen to a thousand messages, but there is nothing more I love than to hear God speak to me.

In life, we only have this little window we look out of. We can't always see what's ahead. But then we have this amazing Captain with this amazing view. If we let Him guide us, there's no way we'll fail. He doesn't always take us down the path with no trials, He walks with us through trials to grow our faith in Him. Skies get rough, but He's there on the intercom telling us there's no need to freak out because He's in control. He's got this. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by what we see- or can't. But in life, we have this awesome Captain who knows exactly what He's doing & where He's taking us. I don't know- I think God uses unlikely moments like this to remind us of who He is.