Split, Croatia

Starting with Castiglioncello (which I recapped here) on to Croatia then Paris and Germany this last weekend... four countries in four weeks feels more like time traveling than anything. Being on the move non-stop is more amazing than it is tiring and I've never experienced life at such high speed! After having a moment to sit down to look through photos from Croatia, this is one of those trips I'll be nostalgic about forever. 

Our adventure began with a twelve-hour overnight bus ride which ended up being completely worth it once I stepped into one of the most picturesque places I've laid eyes on. Our morning began with a walk across the city to a quaint breakfast place tucked into a cozy corner between the fresh fish market (mind the smell) and other local diners and shops. Our sleepy eyes began to open as we sipped our cappuccinos and feasted on our homemade scrambled eggs, cereals and fresh fruit. It didn't take long for the anticipation to set in for this beautiful weekend trip and we were more than ready to explore all that Split had to offer.

We settled into our Air B&B style apartment and quickly changed into bathing suits and dresses in preparation for our day. Our walking tour was filled with beautiful sights of marble architecture and views of ancient buildings not to mention we were walking through the very place where Game of Thrones was filmed!  

After our tour, we grabbed a delicious lunch, hamburgers to be exact (we miss our American food), near the city square before enjoying the remainder of the day next to the water (cliff jumping included).

Saturday began early once again as we headed to board our boat for a long day of island hopping. I don't think I've ever experienced anything more fun! We popped our champagne as the boat glided over the waves and the city was replaced with gentle waves.

The majority of the day we spent in the salty, crystal clear water under the sun who's warmth hugged our skin just right. I don't think I've felt so child-like in so long. Time and time agan we'd jump off the boat to plunge into the cool water and jump right back on to do it again. Being in a place like Croatia melts away every worry... seriously. It was a great day to disconnect and enjoy being present.

Our trip came to a close with another homemade breakfast by the family that rented us their apartments for the weekend. The group we went with only consisted of about ten of us, all women, which made for a more casual and intimate setting as we gathered around a kitchen table and chatted over warm food. 

We then left for Krka National park and only stayed for a quick walk through the woods and a dip in the cool waters near Krka's infamous waterfall. Pictures cannot do this sight justice! It was absolutely beautiful.

I could go on and on about this three-day adventure, but you'd be here just as long (haha!). Thanks for following along, and be ready for more adventure recaps coming your way soon!

xx Mariah