Good Morning, Saturday

As an end of the semester celebration, Kara and I decided to adventure out to The Plum Cafe & Kitchen, located in the heart of Ohio City, bright and early Saturday morning. We had planned to study for finals, but we got a little carried away with our picture taking and conversation over iced coffee and bagels. In my defense, how could you not in a place like this?!

From the decor to the food this hidden gem did not disappoint. The thing about Ohio is, you have to seek out places like this. Unlike New York City, San Fransisco, Chicago or Boston these types of coffee shops aren't around every corner. On the bright side, finding a place like this is a little more exciting than it would be elsewhere. We've quickly become professional coffee shop scouts because of scarcity of them in our little college town (I can put that on my resume, right?).

Celebrating the end of another year of college is bittersweet. Bitter because of how fast the year has already gone by and because I'm halfway through college (whhaaat?!). Sweet because I've recognized that nothing lasts forever. Usually, that statement has a negative connotation, but how boring would it be if all of our circumstances never changed, we stayed in one location forever and never grew in spirit, body or mind? It's sweet knowing there is more waiting for me, especially in the coming months.

Looking back on this year, it's amazing to see how far God has carried me. Seasons of waiting and of trial always seem the longest, and though they aren't always pleasurable, they are worth going through. Not only will these seasons teach you to completely lean on Jesus, but in those times, you may just find a friend that won't leave your side. Thank you, Kara, for being that friend!

I know this was short and sweet, but I just wanted to catch up with you all before the semester came to an end. I also couldn't resist looking through these photos and needed another excuse to push studying for finals back a little longer (I'll get to it Mom). Thank you all for reading, and I'll be back soon with more content, so stay tuned and follow me on Bloglovin' here for updated posts!

xx Mariah