Sicily, Italy//Part One


How do I even begin?! Sicily exceeded every expectation I had. I was able to visit my beautiful friend Cici who studied abroad in America last year with my sister. As soon as I decided to study in Italy for a semseter, I knew I couldn't be abroad for four months and not visit her! So, in turn, she became our personal tour guide and host for the weekend. Her family not only catered to our every need, but went beyond and showed us all of the best sights near Salemi. 


The first day began with a Sicilian breakfast. Cue the Nutella croissants, bread and jam, and fresh clementines that were grown right in their front yard. Also, while we're on this subject- if anyone knows how Italians stay fit and consume the amount of carbs they do, please share the secret (hahah)! 


For the majority of the day, we danced around on all of the best beaches. Since we visited mid-November we had everything to ourselves. After snapping all of our pictures, we collected sea shells and admired the clear and calm sea lined with massive mountains.


A bit later we headed up the mountain to see the city from above. If I had a dollar for the number of times we said “OHMYGOSH THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEW EVER” I'd be able to pay for my entire study abroad trip. That being said, we tried to pick up a little Italian since we planned on using that phrase often. So, as you can imagine we clung to the phrase “Bellissimo panorama” the entire weekend. 


Later that day, we stopped at Faraglioni Di Scopello, a medieval fishing estate where we encountered more stray cats that I can count (I felt right at home). We got to love on them for a little bit which was a total day-maker. 


Before heading home we made another pit stop to see Segesta, a temple built around 420 BC by the Elymi. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see it up close (it was closing as we arrived), however, we drove up the rolling hills and had a great view of the temple from afar.  

As if the day couldn't get any better, we encountered the most adorable, well behaved, stray dog ever. We couldn't help but play with this guy for a little bit, even if it meant playing in the road. From there we watched the sunset over the beautiful countryside we were overlooking.


The night ended with a dinner party (just for us!) we felt so special. Their home was filled with their closest Italian friends and a whole lot of Sicilian food, it was the most at home I'd felt all semester. It was just like being with family. I went to bed that night with a full heart, to say the least. 

Stay tuned for part two coming soon.

xx Mariah