Making Anywhere Home

If you're a college student or you find yourself moving frequently, I'm with you. It can be hard making anywhere feel like home. Within the last year I've moved a total of eight times. Yes, EIGHT (thanks fam for your help!). It always seems like once I'm completely settled and comfortable it's time to move again. It gets old, doesn't it? Over winter break I moved into a cozy little space and am in the process of making it my new home. After plenty of experience making a space comfortable doesn't have to be hard. Using what you already have (and maybe a few extra dollars) your new place will begin to feel like home again.

Cozy Blankets

Don't under estimate the power of a throw blanket. There is nothing more cozy than layering a few o them on your bed. I recently read an article on Urban Outfitters' blog about bedrooms. One of the girls interviewed said she leaves her bed a little discheveled to add to the undone aesthetic of her room. I started doing this AND WOW I don't think I'll ever make my bed the same again. Not only does it take two seconds, but it looks so much more inviting than a bed with tucked in sheets.

Laundry Detergent

This may sound strange but sticking with the same laundry detergent wherever you go helps a lot. Sense of smell triggers stronger, more vivid memories and emotions than other sensed do. I love washing my bedding before I move somewhere new, just to give it that fresh scent that reminds me of home.


This goes hand in hand with my last tip, but candles have an infinite ability to make any room cozier! Wouldn't you agree?! Before I go to bed at night I light my candles while I tackle my nightly routine. I can honestly say it's something I look forward to every night.


My room doesn't have much hanging on the walls. In fact, a tapestry goes a long way. They add a lot of character to small spaces and cover up a bad paint job. Tapestries are also a great reflection of personal style. Choose one that aligns with your personality and make your space feel a little more like home and less like an old dorm room.

Use What You Have

Decorating with things you already own is a great money saver. Maybe you have a great collection of hats. Hang them! If you need inspiration, check out Pinterest! With just two nails to hang them on, a blank wall turned into a little display of my sense of style. I did the same with my jewelry! You don't have to spend all the money you made over break to decorate. When I buy decorations I prefer to stick to more minimal, cohesive pieces that'll go with any space I occupy. If you're going to spend, find trinkets that reflect you and your style the most!

There you have it, folks. A handful of my tips on creating a cozy space! It doesn't have to be expensive or something you dread doing. If you find yourself moving a lot, do you have any tips on making a new place feel like home? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

xx Mariah