Dear friend, 

Thanks for dropping by, I’m Mariah, but you can call me Mar for short. Here you’ll find a collection of the in-betweens, the question marks, exclamation points and underlines, and run on sentences of life through my lens. Here is a place where all of my passions find a seat around my kitchen table and I invite yours to join, because I believe there’s nothing better than dream chasing together.

I really love fresh starts, and open windows on rainy days, I love the sunny days too. The kind of sunny days the make flowers turn their faces to the sky, and birds sing, and kids run around barefoot.  I love moments of connection with my Creator and with His people, all people. 

I typically find “about me’s” to be a little difficult to write. I mean, we’re always in this process of becoming that never really ends. But before I go on, I’ll just share a little bit of my story:

I’m a twenty-something from the great midwest learning to navigate the adventures of life with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and media. If you knew me ten years ago, you’d never guess that I’d take the slightest interest in anything related to fashion, my scarred knees are proof of the little tomboy I was, and if you know me now, you’d never really guess that twelve year old me was so proud of my knees covered in bandaids. But alas, here we are.


And so, jumping to Mariah present day: 

I love combining elements of photography with written word and graphic design. Taking moments and drawing out every aspect of them. What were my thoughts at that time?  What did the world look like from my perspective? How can I turn these moments into something tangible? 

I remember picking up my dad’s old Panasonic Palmcorder (new at the time HA) before I could even write my name. My siblings and I would act out skits or sometime just dance or sing in front of the camera. When we could write, we wrote comics and mock up newspapers. In sixth grade I picked up a disposable camera determined to get the perfect shot for the school yearbook. Creativity has always been in my bones, but I’ve learned how to place it through combining these elements. 

While this corner of the internet functions as a place for me to share travels, style, and thoughts, it’s also a place for us to connect.

So, make yourself at home, I'm so glad you're here.



Want to partner on your newest creative venture? I’m there. From photography to branding, you name it- I’d love to make your vision come to life. Check out my work and send me an email if it looks like I’d be a good fit for you!